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Tracking Club of El Paso

A Seminar for beginning trackers was held November 22 & 23rd 2014. We had 5 teams that had working spots and one Audit spot. Everyone in attendance commented about how well Joann Neal presented the sport of Tracking and in a very organized fashion. Joann is from Lubbock, Texas and a long time member of TCEP

We had in attendance two Poodles, one Doberman, a Dachshund and one Corgi. All of the dogs had a lot of success learning how to Track and improved greatly by the second day. Looking forward to doing this in the future. If you are interested: Contact Norma Rust at

New Champion Tracker January 2014
Owner/Handler: Michele Mauldin

New TDX February 2014
Owner/Handler: Michele Mauldin

New TDX February 2014
Owner/Handler: Carolee Douglas

New Champion Tracker January 2013
Owner/Handler: Sandra Hill

The Tracking Club of El Paso (TCEP) holds 3 AKC tracking tests every year: VST, TDX, and TD.
Contact Michele Mauldin for Premiums-

Upcoming Tracking Tests in 2016:

Variable Surface Tracking (VST) Test
January 10th 2016 in Las Cruces, New Mexico at NMSU
Judges: Tom Hacholski and Jean Hilbig
Test Secretary: Norma Rust (915) 443-8979

Tracking Dog (TD) Test
January 31st 2016 at Ft Bliss, Texas
Judge: Carolee Douglas and Charlene Dunn
Test Secretary: Sandra Hill (915)584-2830

Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) Test
February 14, 2016 in El Paso, Texas
Judges: Sharon Jolly and Jon Bishop
Test Secretary:Pam Dundes(915)549-7839

If you are interested in joining the Tracking Club of El Paso, please contact President Norma Rust at for information.

Click on the names to email club officers:

Norma Rust, President

Sandra Hill, Vice President

Pam Dundes, Secretary

Sharon Jolly, Treasurer

Norma Rust, Webmaster

Last Updated August 21,2015